Star System: Aegis
Date: 2503-12-17
Fire at Regency Island Sanitarium kills Bri'aitsya

Reports from Regency Island, Bluefall confirmed that several patients were killed yesterday when a devastating fire broke out in the high security section of Regency Island Sanitarium.

Reports from Regency Island, Bluefall confirmed that several patients were killed when a devastating fire broke out in the high security section of Regency Island Sanitarium's 9th floor. While the exact number of casualties has not yet been released, it is known that among those killed was noted Tsa engineer Bri'aitsya. Bri'aitsya was a highly skilled roboticist and designer of starship systems who became somewhat of a local celebrity in the city of Babel, Alaundril in the Tendril System. For over 13 years he worked for Ion Productions Shipyards climbing the corporate ladder to become the supervisor for a team of engineers working on Ion's most cutting edge technologies, including the controversial Transdrive. While working at Ion Productions on the experimental vessel The Liquid Sky, he befriended Alaundrin Naval Commander Mig Nova, the one for whom the ship was being built. This was the beginning of the second half of the Tsa's career- First Mate and Chief Engineer of the Liquid Sky. This was where Bri'aitysa achieved local renown, as he and the rest of his crew made Tendril GRID headlines. Among their better-known exploits were the exploration and cataloging of new star systems, and the defense of Alaundril during recent External attacks.

More recently Bri'aitsya's appearances in Tendril GRID reports became notorious, as he plead not guilty by reason of insanity to charges in the tragic "Incident at Bluefall". The Regency accused him of using an alien artifact, which he called the Electronomicon, to unleash a previously unknown life form upon the city of Hughes Island. The attack resulted in several casualties and nine deaths, as the creature wreaked havoc in the city's Warehouse District. Bri'aitsya's claim was that the dark powers of the artifact had infiltrated his mind after his mental breakdown following the slaughter of his entire family in a Klick attack in the Tsa Cluster. The truth may never be known as Bri'aitsya's room and his remains were completely destroyed by the blaze. The Electronomicon itself was never found in spite of efforts to obtain it as evidence in the trial.

Scott Williamson, C.E.O. of Ion Productions and Bri'aitsya's former supervisor issued this statement over the Tendril GRID. "We are stunned and saddened by the news of Bri'aitsya's passing. While we had parted ways professionally, he was always held in the highest regard here. I believe that he always will be, in spite of his highly publicized mental breakdown. While his recent situation may have become tragic, his life was not. Some of our engineers who worked with Bri' will be holding a memorial service for him this Saturday. Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome. Details will be posted on the homesite for Ion Productions Employees Resources Division later today."

No one who was close to Bri'aitsya could be reached for comment. An unconfirmed report states that Bri's ally The Cap'n, leader of Tendril's Elite Team, and Starbirth, The Liquid Sky's Electronics Officer have launched a rescue effort to save the remaining members of the crew of the Liquid Sky after they went missing during an attempted rescue of the Newfound Glory. Members of Bri'aitsya's engineering team, composed of technicians who left Ion to work for him at the fledgling Kixil Station, Kai System, could not be reached as no communications system is online as of yet.

Investigation into the cause of the fire is being hampered by the complete collapse of the facility's computer systems in the afternoon before the fire broke out. Initial findings suggest that the fire may have been caused by faulty wiring in the camera systems which monitor the high security ward.

Reporter: mig_nova

November 02, 2010 - dblade

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