Star System: Tychus
Date: 2502-09-25
Mount Illumination, YELLOW SKY-A small expedition of xenoarchaeologists from the newly founded University of Illumination returned from Tychus's lowlands claiming to have found an artifact of unknown purpose and clearly Stoneburner design, only to have the artifact vanish without a trace before the scheduled press conference.
Professor Monira, chair of the xenoarchaeology department at the University, and leader of the expedition was flabbergasted: "Whomever took the artifact is in way over his head. We don't even know what it is for nor what it does... and we're the ones who found it!"

It was widely regarded that this artifact is similar to a previously uncovered Stoneburner artifact: a pyramid-shaped stone that pruportedly was the only known cure for black fever, a local disease that constantly plagues Yellow Sky's human settlers. However, the previous, pyramid-shaped artifact ceased functioning just twenty-five days after its recovery and relocation to Mount Illumination. The new artifact, described as "a geometric figure", was to be unveiled to the public in a press conference that was meant to not only announce its discovery, but also the announcement of a sizeable grant, from of all possible benefactors, the Thuldan Empire.

Now it appears that the artifact is gone, and the grant money is frozen, pending the artifact's recovery, if that's even possible. Brother Magnus Kalman, a preiously outspoken critic to the plans to build the University, spoke out again: "It serves them right. As I've said before, this is no trifling matter to be pursued by so-called enlightened archaeologists. The Bretheren have long engaged in the exploration of alien ruins in a safe, controlled manner."

A reward has been posted of C$2500 for information that leads to the safe recovery of the artifact. For more information, go to vtp://MtIlluminationU.tychus.verge/xenoarchaeology/news/reward

September 23, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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