Star System: Three Fates
Date: 2502-04-08
The unidentified spatial anomaly discovered in the Three fates system will be studied by Concord Survey Service... the problem is, there hasn't been any volunteers. The engimatic "Three Fates", (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos) were discovered accidentally by the Kepler Survey of 2499, and comprise the only trinary system of Class M stars yet discovered in the Verge. At the time of their initial survey, no anomaly was detected.
Readers may recall the initial report in January of this year, when a highly inflamatory report broadcast over the interstellar grid described a "wormhole-like aberration in the fabric of space" and alleged that the CSS was involved in a highly unethical coverup. The author of the grid announcement still has yet to be identified, but sources say that the Concord Investigative Bureau is "looking into the matter."

The advisement against civillians travelling to the Three Fates may be working against C.S.S. in their attempts to survey. "It's like we put up to conflicting signs: one says 'Do not enter', and the other says 'Help wanted, inquire within'," complains Jacques Neiderst. Neiderst is a regular scout who often provides survey data to C.S.S. & other patrons, and was credited for confirming the find in the Calesque system.

C.S.S. has offered to double its rate of compensation for a survey of the system. Information and forms can be located at C.S.S.'s gridsite at vtp://

September 20, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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