Star System: Unknown
Date: 2501-05-04
An External entity, previously unknown to Concord Survey & First Contact Counselors, calling himself, "The Cap'n", is gaining much attention for this GRID holo statement: "The area you refer to as 'The Verge', is about to be invaded on such a large scale unlike any seen in any of your respective histories. I am calling on all starship captains, military commanders, private vessels, stations, and orbital platforms to prepare. I propose that all the petty squabbling be set aside and the forces of the Verge unite to repel these invaders. It is your choice: unite or die."
Bold words from an entity previously unknown have caused a stir in the "invasion conspiracy" circles on a number of Verge GRIDS. Though the recent attacks of kroath and klicks in both the Verge and the Stellar Ring have increased anxiety and paranoia; the majority of Vergers are taking this with a grain of sodium chloride. This holo statement was originally released in the Alaundran GRID, and quickly spread like a virus to all other Verge GRIDs. Though sources cannot confirm this, it is rumored that this "The Cap'n"'s holo statement is to have already made its way to the Stellar Ring, where within the T'sa Cluster it is being taken quite seriously. The T'san Embassy was unavailable for comment as of this writing.

Alaundran Naval sources, under the promise of anonimity, have confirmed that this "Cap'n" owns and pilots, the vessel referred to in the holo, the Area 51,

and that "it played a role in the recent klick attack in high Alaundril orbit." "The Cap'n", however, had not replied to requests for interviews, instead referred us back to the holo statement.

For more information, click here: [url=]Escape Velocity 2503[/url]

October 07, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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