Star System: Kai
Date: 2504-10-15
Nova Station, in the Nova Belt, somewhere in orbit around planet Ahbal
Following an incident between the burgeoning Nariac colony on Kirlinao and the independant aministration of Kixil Staton, Commodore Mig Nova minced no words: "The Nariacs must halt all of their operations on Kirlinao and leave the Kai system permanently." Commodore Nova gave the Nariacs two months to evacuate. Furthermore, it is reported that he threatened to fire upon any Nariac vessel detected in Kai space after that time.
Commodore Nova- principal administrator of Kixil Station- had made several violent threats during an argument with Alexander Anaximenes, the director of the Nariac Domain's outpost on Kai's third planet, Kirlinao. The spat began over the Nariac's alleged failure to pay Kixil Station for the use of its communications systems and for several spare parts installed their starship, The Comrade, when it was repaired at Kixil Station's shipyard. Last week the disagreement was drastically elevated when a representative from Kixil Station was allegedly held against his will during a visit to the
Nariac outpost on Kirlinao. Commodore Nova responded by ordering that the Nariacs halt their operations on Kirlinao and leave the Kai system permanently. Nova gave the Nariacs two months to evacuate.

Director Anaximenes filed a report of the incident with the leadership of the Domain, lodged a formal complaint with the Galatic Concord & made copies available to TVN. TVN has learned that Concord is planning to dispatch the vessel Redemption, with Concord Representatives Gerry Muritz and Akru Serrir to the Kai system to launch an investigation into the complaint.

For the Concord to come to the Kai system for an investigation, or even a visit is unprecendented. To date, only few dignitaties have jounryed to Kai to visit Kixil Station. This ground-based space station holds the dubious distinction of being the first permanent settlement in the small, cold system about 20 light years from Tendril space. Concord representatives had never before visited Kixil Station. In fact, the entire Kai system could be easily overlooked if not for the Kixil Station's high profile relations with Galactic Enterprises, Ion Productions, and formerly the Nariac Domain.

The Administration of Kixil Station could not be reached for comment at time of press.

[Author's note: mig_nova also contributed heavily to this TVN report.]

October 07, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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