Star System: Annahoy
Date: 2502-07-17
4.7 AU from Annahoy- A deep space salvage crew hailing from Oberon announced the finding of a huge starship of alien origin in a decaying orbit around the red giant Annahoy. This vessel of unknown origin does not conform to any known hull configuration, and may herald the discovery of a new species.
The captain of the salvage ship Jackal, a Morgan McFadden, had broadcasted his announcement to TVN's news bureau in Aegis, via a relay in Talbott. According to the sensor data Capt. McFadden had sent, the keel of the vessel is an impressive 6.2 kilometers in length, and the beam measured 2.8 kilometers. The holo shows a ship very badly damaged, and most likely inoperable.

"We starrose out of Riga 9, and had hoped to use this as a relay to our destination, when we spotted this on the sensors... normally, we'd simply make claim, and be done with it, but we're in no position to claim something this big. The best we can do for now is stabilize the decaying orbit and ask for assistance. We contacted the Regency as well as Concord to make our claim and to ask for assistance in the salvage operation," says McFadden.

Independant analysis of the hull configuration places this vessel in unknown external origin, claims Lorrid sil Taal, xenoacrhaeologist: " This is unlike any vessel I've ever encountered. If Capt. McFadden's senosors are properly calibrated, this vessel is even older than some fraal city ships, easily by a factor of 1.5. This is truly a significant find."

September 20, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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