Star System: Aegis
Date: 2503-02-29
Arriving just moments ago aboard the Area 51, Bri'-aitsya had arrived on Bluefall in the Aegis system, presumably to face charges he & his crewmates are facing regarding The Hughes Island Incident.
Bri'-aitysa brusquely brushed off reporters gathered at the scene with a gruff, "No comment", as he greeted his lawyer, Maximus Cochran, and left the spaceport on Regent Island. Bri'-aitysa, a t'sa male formerly in the employ of Ion Productions as the Deparement Chief of the Robotics division on Alaundril arrived on the Area 51, the vessel of the mysterious External known only as "The Cap'n", walked past reporters, greeted Cochran, and the two entered Cochran's waiting skycar, heading towards Cochran's law offices.

He, and the other crew of the "Liquid Sky", are facing a number of charges related to the surprise destruction on Bluefall a few weeks ago. The charges include: risking a catastrophe, causing a catastrophe, unleashing an unknown xenoform into the ecosystem, and punitive damages. To date, no other "Liquid Sky" crew has contacted the regency and the bounty stands.

Correction to the previous report: "Starbirth", the mechalus female is from Kansas Station, Karnath, but holds Insight citizenship; and Sturnhak Meehn Abhal is noteworthy in the CSS simply because he is one of very few bhruu doing field work for CSS. His past work with them has been on a contract-only basis.

Update: The one human female, Mei Lei Na, a former crewmember of the "Liquid Sky", is currently in custody on Alaundril, facing other charges of espionage, and sabotage (of all things, against her former crew). Sources tell TVN that she is somehow implicated with the rogue A.I., "Vector Fields". Extradition hearing is pending.

Spokesperson for the Regency, Sara Holden, held a press conference afterwards, stating, "I'm glad that Bri'-aitsya had the sense to spare us the trouble of hunting him and his crew down. I can only hope that he will be co-operative in our questioning of him, regarding this incident."

October 06, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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