Star System: Tendril
Date: 2504-06-05
Jiri-Thaah, from the Union of Sol, arrived about 2 months ago to the Verge in search of her eccentric brother, Gil-Thaah; a fraal Mind Knight and priestof the ancient Earth religion/cult of voodoo. To date, her efforts have been in vain, and is asking for help in locating her lost brother.
"My brother was somewhat estranged from the family, ever since taking up this odd, primitive religion during his Mind Knight training", she says. "We would hear from him every few months or so, but it has been well over a year and a half and there has been no contact. He mentioned relocating to the Verge, and it is logical that a first stop would be here in Tendril; but here the trial goes cold. I am currently working with Alaundril authorities offering my mindwalking talents, but to no avail. It's as though there were a cloak of black satin shrouding his last movements on this planet. I do not know what else to say, but I am quite concerned."

TVN has learned from Jiri-Thaah that when Gil-Thaah was nearing the completion of his mindwalker studies that he "became involved with some sort of shaman, and embraced this new religion". That religion was the Old Earth cult of voodoo, originating in Earth's Carrebean islands, specifically Haiti. It is known that he took a three year sabbattical from his training to live in Haiti, and when he returned, his behavior seemed very odd.

Headmaster Joren Liir of the Shha Academy, where Gil-Thaah recieved his training, had this to say: "Gil-Thaah was one of our better students, and a promising Mind Knight. We thought nothing of his request for a sabbattical, as we know that this program is demanding, and his reason for 'learning of new cultures' was one we support, especially if it involves our human friends.

"Imagine our surprise when he returned, effecing these odd mannerisms: the odd accent, the discussion of loa, whatever they are; the antagonism towards faculty and otehr students. We were not pleased. However, his studies were excellent, and we found little reason to act then to correct this behavior, and he graduated with honors."

Gil-Thaah was last seen in the Tendril system, and all grid activity related to his biosignature ends there. Tendril authorities are at a loss for an explanation of his whereabouts. One official with Tendril's New Arrivers Ministry, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confided to TVN that "This guy's a real whack-job. I remember him. How can anyone forget a fraal like him? Granted, I've not dealt with many fraal, but this one was reaaly giving me the creeps. Kept mumbling about some book he had to find; and talking to someone. At first, I thought he was talking to me, and when I told him that he could get directions to the library on the Grid, he flashed me this look, I swear, if looks could kill...

"Anyway, he goes on to say that this book is none of my concern yet and that a puny mortal like me could not possibly understand. You see why I remember this guy now?"

Anyone with any information as to the whereabouts of Gil-Thaah is urged to contact Tendril authorities, or Jiri-Thaah, who can also be reached at this address: vtp://

October 06, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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