Star System: Tendril
Date: 2504-02-14
Alaundril, TENDRIL:
A plea for help and an offer of intelligence on the invading External force from Gen. Karen Jestons, commanding officer of Shadow Rock base, was recently de-classified. "This is General Karen Jestons, requesting immediate assistance. Our situation here on Alaundril is urgent. Any StarMech or Verge Alliance forces recieving this transmission, please respond. ..."
The general went on to claim that Tendril's blockade is still ongoing, but revealed that a captive was taken alive at the Battle of Ignatus in August of last year. A member of the race known as "bareem" was taken captive, subdued, and has provided some intelligence to Star Force authorities, as well as an artifact. This hulking, hominid alien would stand 2.2 meters tall, though often prefers a hunched-over position, was captured by the battleship Pittsburgh's 4th boarding squad. Once the 3rd Battle Group was re-assigned to Tendril, the captive was taken immediately to Shadowrock Base.

The message transmitted during one of Tendril's frequent Burns, was heavily encrypted and tramsmitted on a secure, Concord distress frequency sometime in October, though only what was presented was made public.

This is what the Verge Alliance released to TVN:

*The captive's name is Krl'ojekh Ghundar Rhyss (Bm/Exeat/krl'osar2).

*Claims to be some low ranking member of the I'krl Theocracy.

*Demonstrates some unknown mindwalking ability, but was subdued, and later bound and kept under psirestraint.

*An artifact of unknown power and capability, resembing a crystal staff, 2 meters long, was the only object carried.

*The alien appears as to be very muscular, built like a weren, with luminescent eyes, and covered in think, coarse hair.

Verge Alliance officials would not reespond to any queries as to whether or not Gen. Jestons's request for aid was honored, stating that that information remains "classified".

October 06, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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