Star System: Hammer's Star
Date: 2504-03-25
Concord Intelligence officials have announced at a press conference an hour ago that telemetry and communications contact with the Vishon-class scout, "CSV Little Rock" has been lost, and communiques with the vessel are now 2 weeks overdue. Says Star Force Rear Admiral Haden Gerhardt, "'CSV Little Rock' was on a survey mission to the Lightning Nebula, dispatched out of the Hammer's Star system approximately six weeks ago. They were to maintain contact at designated points during their mission, and failed to do so at the last 3 comm points. Given what we know of the region, we regretfully must declare the vessel, and all hands on-board, lost."
"CSV Little Rock"'s mission to the Lightning Nebula is, and remains classified, yet today's anouncement is clearly breaking Star Force protocol. The reason for such a break with a public confession of a ship lost is puzzling to Star Force experts, especially given the tight-lipped response regarding its mission.

"[Expletive deleted], I don't know why they simply didn't just sweep this under the rug like they do with these other missions. Maybe these Externals and their assaults are getting to the Rear Admiral," says retired Star Force Commander Rick "Mad Dog" Neilsen.

It is widely speculated that given the recent and horrifying attacks by External forces, that "CSV Little Rock" was on a reconnaissance mission. Standard Vishon-class starships are not typically outfitted with stealth, nor cloaking technology. "CSV Little Rock", under the command of Capt. Jorge Richard, was orignally comissioned in 2489, and has been on patrol on the Hammer's Star system since arriving in the Verge. Capt. Richard was noted to be a fine officer, and the "CSV Little Rock" was his first command.

No further information was available about the "CSV Little Rock"'s mission, nor any planned response from Concord Star Force.

A full listing of the hands lost can be found at http://grid."CSV Little Rock".starforce.concord.hs.verge.

September 25, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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