Star System: Tendril
Date: 2504-12-25
Exeat Blockade Destroys Nova 3 Hab-dome; Burn in >8hrs
Tendril, Alaundril---A squad of light bio-organic cruisers lead by the sifarv dreadnought flagship, the Nighthawk, focused their attacks on the lesser-known and lesser defended settlement of Alaundril, destroying the habitat dome and holding their position in blockade-fashion around the small city. Reports of ground troops, both klick and kroath, ring the settlement, and are openly hostile. No further attacks to the city have been reported, but Shadowrock sources confirm that the infamous Tendril Burn, which would kick up the radiation exposure from 17 rems a week, to 340 rems/week or 47.6 rems a day, is due in less than eight hours. To make matters worse, there are unconfirmed reports that the supplies of both anti-radiation serum and e-suits are not sufficient to protect the population.
“They can’t hold out long,” stated a source that asked for anonymity. “We have reason to believe this reflects a new, and yet unseen shift in tactics. They’ve been in the system long enough to figure this out. Not like a Burn’s all that tricky.” The Burn, as most Vergers would be familiar with, is the 67-day period when the parent star, Tendril, for reasons astrophysicists are still unclear, increases its radiation shedding for a period of 12-14 days. This effectively increases ones’ exposure to radiation, if unprotected, to the level normally experienced in a week to twenty times this within a single day. Normally, most settlements would be well protected, staying within their habitat domes. With the unconfirmed reports of limited supply of protective measures, and the increased External presence in that particular area makes the situation a risk to the inhabitants.

“There does not appear to be any way to get those people any assistance with shoring up their measures, and repair of the dome has not been attempted. What they’ll do from here is anyone’s guess. I pity those poor souls awaiting doom,” the source said. You can count on TVN to bring you more details as they come available.

Author’s note: Merry Christmas!-Bri’

September 25, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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