Star System: Thuldan Empire
Date: 2504-03-09
GNA-Thuldan Prime, Thuldan Empire: "The last transmission of what remains of our fleet operating in the Vieron system was over three months ago. Cmmd. Pfender, in command of the colony after the kroath invasion, has not reported in this time. We can only hope that it is just a faulty drivesat relay," said Prime Centurion (Capt.) Melissa Stevens, liasion of the Thuldan Empire.
This shocking revelation comes as the External invasion of the Verge is still raw on our nerves, and the recent high cost victory in the Aegis system is still a gaping wound. PC Stevens was blunt in addressing this, but conceded that the worst-case scenario is a "possibility, though unlikely one".

"I have been ordered by Tribune Gray Marshall himself, upon recieving this comission, to assume command of the destroyer, ITD Evicserator to personally investigate the matter. We have been aware for some time that there has been... a problem with kroath presuming to attack our holdings in the Vieron system. My orders are to proceed to Corazon de Fuega, and investigate. Should it appear that the kroath have overrun the planet, the Empire will take this as an act of war."

"All available Thuldan vessels in the Verge are to rendez-vous there upon my arrival," snapped PC Stevens. And with that, she abruptly ended the conference.

Frankly it is puzzling that the Empire is putting this young Prime Centurion in command of what could be a very large fleet. No mention was made of any ground troops, so one can only speculate that the Empire plans to write off Corazon de Fuega and leave it a scortched, irradaited rock.

Stay tuned to GNA for late breaking details in this Thuldan crisis of the Vieron system.

September 24, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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