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Star System: Oberon
Date: 2501-07-25
The Verge: Galactic Enterprise Ship and Crew List

OBERON. As promised, here is the follow up to the Galactic Enterprise Financial Report. A comprehensive view of the Corporations major assets. "People make GE and her subordinate Companies great, where would we be without them"? Said Dirk Sutherland, GE Corporations outspoken President and CEO.

All Galactic Enterprise ships have designators that start with the Corporate ticker symbol, GE. This two letter identifier is followed by the initials of the company it is assigned to, and a numerical designator if there is more than one ship assigned to a Company.

As a reminder for those that missed the previous reports:
IMC-Interstellar Mercantile Company
EV-Event Horizon
GSS-Galactic Security Services
ISRC-Interstellar Salvage and Recovery Company

Below you will see the designator (described above), type of ship, name of ship, note of ownership, and a few details about the ships defenses and cargo capacity. This is followed by the crew list with profession and career/job on ship and amount earned monthly.

Ship designator: GE-IMC 1
Ship type: Trader class transport
Name: Deliverance
Company owned
Max Crew: 10 mass cannon/point defense 5LY drive
Cargo space 6x14 / 10x14 / 10x22 / 6x14

Cpt Sparrow (dip/tech) pilot $6000mth
Jenny "Skywalker" Smart (tech) comms/hacker $5000mth
Martha Kalin (CS)weapons $4500mth
Billy Albright (FA) security/detective $4500mth
Scott Dugal (tech) reporter/comms $5000mth

Ship designator: GE-IMC 2
Ship type: Herald class transport
Name: Tarawa
Contracted ship
Max Crew: 7 no weapons 5LY drive
Cargo space 4x12 / 6x6 / 6x7

Cpt Gaston Von Pender (tech) physician $6000mth
Richard McAllister (tech) pilot $5500mth
David Anderson (CS) security $4500mth
Oki Tmatsu (tech) engineer/comms $5000mth

Ship designator: GE-EV 1
Ship type: Sojourn class transport
Name: Trinity
Company owned
Max Crew: 9 mass cannon 5LY drive
Cargo space 10x10

Cpt Deacon "Blackjack" Dean (dip/tech) pilot $6000mth
Gerold Mcnight (tech) comms $4500mth
Tikriiti (FA/seshayan) Bounty hunter/weapons $4500mth
Michael McGurd (tech) engineer/sensors $5000mth
Jeff Rather (FA) detective/security $4500mth

The above three ships travel with the Lighthouse selling/purchasing cargo. During layovers they have an assortment of skills they can put to use in system or on the Lighthouse. GE-EV 1 May do survey work in system after the trading work is done. The following ship also accompanies the previous three, but with no cargo space, it is limited to info trading, or carrying small (3 person max) delegations. It protects the cargo ships when away from the lighthouse, and may assist GE-EV 1with survey work if both GE-IMCs are with the Lighthouse. All of them will accept paying passengers. They also have the authority to hire specialists for certain jobs if it required. All ship Captains (with the exception of contractors) have hiring authority on a part time basis.

Ship designator: GE-GSS 1
Ship type: Sparrow class scout
Name: Falcon
Company owned
Max Crew: 8 plasma cannon/4 ARN/4CHE missles/chaff disp
10LY drive No cargo space

Cpt Owen Cade (dip/tech) pilot $6000mth
Mona "slipstream" Baxter (tech) comms/hacker $5000mth
Grraiza (CS/Weren) weapons $4000mth
Richard Grimes (FA) detective/sensors $4500mth
Sam Houston (tech) physician $5000mth

The following ship is operated by the GE Board of Directors and is often found around Oberon, although it also hitches rides with the Lighthouse, and visits the GE offices on Bluefall. That of course could be because the Bluefall offices are on a private island with a beach.

Ship designator: GE-GSS 2
Ship type: Vanguard Class Assault Ship
Name: Nemesis
Company owned
Max Crew: 10 plasma cannon/4CHE missles/chaff disp
10LY drive Cargo space 3x3

Cpt Dirk Sutherland (dip/FA) pilot
Draco Von Hahn (dip/CS) security
Quinn (tech/mechalus) physician/sensors
Psya (FA) comms
Noden (FA) bounty hunter/security
Francis "T-Bone" Coffee (CS) Merc/weapons

Below are the land based employees. Make note that many of them are able to work jobs on ships, should GE add to their fleet. Three employees work on Oberon and six work on Bluefall. Their primary duties are to solicit employers, wealthy investors, and advertise GE's abilities. Oberon is the official headquarters of the GE Corporation.

Jason Wallace (tech) engineer/scanner/comms $5000mth
Cpt Jade McNeil (tech) pilot $6000mth
Zugreeza (CS/Weren) weapons/security $4000mth

Richard Higgins (tech) biologist $5500mth
Robert Steele (CS) security specialist $4500mth
Andrei Varaknokov (tech) physicist $6000mth
Segei Sardov (FA) investigator/spy $4500mth
Bart Zatherman (FA) bounty hunter $4500mth
Sara Yamato (CS) security specialist $4500mth

In addition to monthly pay, each employee has free room and board. Each receives one month paid vacation a year, with the caveat that if on a ship, an attempt should be made to vacation on Bluefall or Oberon so one of the planet bound employees can replace them while on leave. This is not absolutely necessary except for the skilled positions (pilot etc).

Employees may also elect to sell their month vacation for a double paycheck one month out of the year. All MDs/PHDs have facilities to do their work available free of charge with all insurance paid by GE. The Bluefall station has several scientific labs. While on leave Captains may hire one or two personnel to replace those on leave for the month.

There is obviously more work to be performed than these 34 personnel can perform. Many of the specialized cargos between obscure systems are contracted out. You may have noticed that there is no GE-ISRC ship. Contractors wanted. Contractors that work for GE are treated as if they were full time employees. Contractors performing long term operations who want to become full time employees may apply and may be hired. Contracting gives the contractor a little more freedom to come and go between missions, and saves GE money by not paying for more down time than the before mentioned vacation time. GE has part time employees in almost every Verge System, even if it is only an advertiser. The more populated the system, the more GE employees.

Cpt Von Pender of the contract ship Tarawa has made it clear to Corporate HQ's that he and his crew want to be full time employees. Dirk Sutherland said that "Cpt Von Pender has surpassed the required 6 month probation period with high marks and will be hired immediately". He also made it clear to me that with all the publicity GE has received he feels compelled to begin a major hiring spree.

Reporter: Vladimir

December 07, 2010 - dblade

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