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Star System: Oberon
Date: 2501-07-22
The Verge: Galactic Enterprise Background and Finances

The Galactic Enterprise Corp. (GE) went public in 2501, but has been in existence in one form or another for several years. The brain child of Derek "Dirk" Sutherland, GE began with a group of six like minded individuals that saw the opportunity for increased profit margins by combining individual resources, working together, and taking risks.

This band of six individuals consist of: Dirk Sutherland, President and CEO of GE, Quinn (Mechalus), President of Event Horizon (EV) , Psya, President of Interstellar Mercantile Company (IMC), Francis "T-Bone" Coffee, President of Galactic Security Services (GSS), Noden, President of Interstellar Salvage and Recovery Company (ISRC), and Draco Von Hahn, Vice President of GE Operations. The four Company Presidents also hold VP positions in the GE Corporation encompassing Medicine and Science, Communications, Security, and Public relations.

Having made enormous amounts of money in the trade business over the last four years with a major focus on Rhodium out of Oberon, and utilizing the speed and broad range of the Lighthouse through piggybacking the past two years, GE has been converted into its present Corporate format. The board of Directors decided to increase the Corporations cash flow by going public with 40% of the Corporations stock on the Vessy and LIEX. The ticker symbol should be obvious (GE). The remaining 60% is owned in equal shares by the six founding members, who also happen to be the Board of Directors.

GE currently has five Stardrive capable ships employed. Four are Corporate owned and one is contracted.
GE is always on the lookout for ships to contract for specific trade missions (info trading, transporting dignitaries, etc…), long term trade routes (circuitous repetitive routes), escort duty of before mentioned trade routes, planetary surveys, deep space exploration, salvage operations, and an assortment of other missions.

The Corporation currently has 30 full time employees (including Board Members), and four contractors (crew of the contracted ship), for a total of 34 personnel. 19 personnel and four ships travel with the Lighthouse and purchase at every location, merchandise that will sell at the highest profit margin at the next stop. During long layovers, after making the required sales/purchases, these personnel hire out as bodyguards for visiting dignitaries, security at Lighthouse functions, survey moons or nearby planets for the Concord Survey Service, or do just about anything that will bring in a CD (Concord Dollar). The last ship carries the six Board Members. They spend most of their time seeking high yield projects around the Verge (read adventures), sometimes hiring additional personnel to assist them in their endeavors. Of the last nine employees, six of them work at the corporate office on Bluefall, and the last three work on Oberon. Their main function is to advertise the Corporation, meet potential clients, coordinate the Board of Directors instructions and make things happen.

One of the reasons to go public with GE is to raise capital for a very ambitious attempt to renovate a salvaged dreadnaught. The ship will need to have a full time crew, and the repairs alone are going to almost break the bank. “We plan on fortifying the Oberon system with some real fire power, and of course using the dreadnaughts increased carrying capacity to increase our mercantile business” said Dirk Sutherland during a recent interview.

Going public requires financial disclosure, below is the 2501 financial disclosure sheet. GE has declined requests to disclose financial statements from the years prior to going public.

Note: This only includes the income made by the four ships accompanying the Lighthouse. It does include all liabilities however.

Item (Asset) Liability
Total income from 4 ships on Lighthouse ($14,775,775)
Taxes (approximately 15%) $ 2,935,775
Wages (annual, for all employees) $ 1,662,000
Dock fees (Lighthouse) $ 100,800
Repair/Resupply (low due to piggybacking) $ 72,000
Fees (Redman/Smith trading Corp) $ 8,694
Mortgage/Utilities (Oberon) $ 40,000
Mortgage/Utilities (Bluefall) $ 90,000
Rent (11 apartments on Lighthouse/ deck 187) $ 191,400
Misc (expense account / etc...) $ 1,675,000
Capital on hand (from before going public) ($ 177,468,000)
Ships (all four owned ships) $ 21,890,000
Total Corporate assets $ 207,358,081

Due to a space/time limitation, I neglected (on purpose) to add the hard assets like the actual buildings on Bluefall and Oberon, the shuttle on each planet for the employees to use, and other miscellaneous items (weapons, armor, adventuring equipment, scientific equipment etc…). The unedited version of this financial sheet would fill pages. My finances were also in a table which did not copy so I did my best to fix it up so it is understandable. Assets are in parenthesis.

The ships and crews will follow in another dispatch.

Reporter: Vladimir

December 07, 2010 - dblade

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