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Publisher: WoTC
Item code: TSR02804
Release Date:
Format: Softcover
Page count: 64
ISBN: 0-7869-1216-2
Price: US$ 13.95 Alternity Role-Playing Game En science fiction

Introduction (1 page)
A quick overview of the game purposes that The Lighthouse can be put to.

An Emissary of hope (10 pages)
The history and capabilities of The Lighthouse of Faith, together with a look at its current role as a major diplomatic and peacekeeping centre in the Verge. There is also a rundown of visiting and docking protocols and a schedule of the Lighthouse's near-future movements.

The Powers of Light (12 pages)
This chapter details the main supporting cast members, including Lighthouse personnel, the major ambassadors and MINA, the Lighthouse's resident AI. It also looks at ways in which the heroes may interact with these characters.

A Starfalling City (30 pages)
This chapter comprises the lion's share of the book. Going deck by deck, this chapter details all the major buildings, sectors and installations that make up the Lighthouse. It also details the on-board spacecraft and security forces deployed throughout.

Adventures Aboard (7 pages)
Chapter four shows how the lighthouse can play a part in the various forms of campaign a GM may wish to run. It also contains four sketches of adventures: Survey Mikoa B, First Run, No Peace Among Men and Opening Offers.

News of the verge (1 page)
Finally, this "Transmissions"-style page contains four news items to serve as hooks for new adventures.

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