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Publisher: WotC
Item code: TSR11319
Release Date:
Format: Softcover
Page count: 96
ISBN: 0-7869-1319-3
Price: US$ 18.95 Alternity Role-Playing Game En science fiction

Chapter 1 : Expanding Play (33 pages)
This chapter comprises of different subjects, ranging from loose ideas to specific rules. Several systems of play are mentioned from which you can choose, including the 3D-vector system for die-hards and accuracy freaks. You will also find ideas for possible faster than light (FTL) travel means, along with considerations like; realism in play and relativity theorems. A good overview of how to deal with damage is also provided. A system failures table explains how specific systems can malfunction after suffering from different kinds of damage. A tactics overview follows for general as well as combat purposes. Advanced skill results are also presented, listing increased skill competence as the rank grows. An overview of spaceport types concludes this chapter.

Chapter 2 : Space Technology (28 pages)
Everything you need to design a spaceship can be found here, including a vast addendum to GMG weapons & ship systems. Besides these, numerous tables and howtos will help you build the ship you have been dreaming of.

Chapter 3 : Ships and Deck Plans (30 pages)
This whole chapter contains 18 pre-made ships, with detailed deck plans, statistics and information sheet.

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