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Publisher: WotC
Item code: TSR11619
Release Date:
Format: Softcover
Page count: 96
ISBN: 0-7869-1619-2
Price: US$ 18.95 Alternity Role-Playing Game En science fiction

Chapter 1 : FX Rules (3 Pages)
The first area of the book is about character creation. It has brief descriptions of the FX skills, perks and flaws that relate to FX, how they are powered, and a new profession; the Adept.

Chapter 2 : Using FX in the Campaign (5 Pages)
Primarily this area of the book covers rules for including FX in or creating FX based campaigns. There are also guidelines for using FX with other optional game components such as cybernetics and psionics.

Chapter 3 : Arcane Magic FX (19 Pages)
In this area of the book FX relating to mystical or sorcerous abilities are detailed. Including dark magics, blood magic, illusions, and others.

Chapter 4 : Faith FX (27 Pages)
By far the most detailed section on FX is the section relating to religuous effects. There are rules for FX relating to single gods, voodoo, druidism, and even alien religions.

Chapter 5 : Super Powers FX (11 Pages)
Characters generated using these rules can achieve heroic effects. There are rules for energy manipulation, movement, defense, and a few other heroic necessities.

Chapter 6 : FX Creatures (20 Pages)
Chapter six gives us an interesting view of the types of creatures that would inhabit an FX powered universe. Some samples are familiars, the undead, elementals, angels, and demons.

Chapter 7 : FX Devices (2 Pages)
In this short section there are rules for creating and operating devices that have FX related abilities.

Appendix : Creating New FX Skills (1 Page)
Probably the single most useful page in this book is the one that gives the Gamemaster guidelines for creating entirely new types of FX broad and specialty skills.

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(1) in A Review by James_Nostack on 28-11-2003

(2) in A waaay better explaination of FX than in the GM guide by CatzClawz on 13-07-2002


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