Mindwalking : A guide to Psionics discuss (0 posts)


Publisher: WotC
Item code: TSR11384
Release Date:
Format: Softcover
Page count: 96
ISBN: 0-7869-1384-3
Price: US$ 18.95 Alternity Role-Playing Game En science fiction

Chapter 1 : Introduction (7 pages)
This chapter acts as an introduction to a mindwalking universe. It defines the similiarities between Psionics, Mindwalkers, and Talents. There are sections on Psionic powers in the real world and the Alternity enhanced world.

Chapter 2 : Revised Rules (35 pages)
Character design is the primary function here. Also included are rules on alien mental powers and advanced mental combat.

Chapter 3 : Psionic Campaigns (12 pages)
This chapter covers various character types and campaign types.

Chapter 4 : Gamemasters Tools (26 pages)
The last area contains data on psionic equipment, creatures, phenomena, and Artifacts. There is also a piece on campaign design.

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