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Publisher: WotC
Item code: TSR02808
Release Date:
Format: Hardcover
Page count: 36
ISBN: 0-7869-1213-8
Price: US$ 12.95 Alternity Role-Playing Game En science fiction

Four Panel Screen (4 pages)
Includes many useful tables for many things from the PHB and GMG, also has Melee, Ranged and Heavy weapon lists.

Character Sheet Templates (10 pages)
Similar to the Players Handbook Template, these sheets have pre-calculated skill costs and relevant information for each profession. Combat Spec, Diplomat Combat Spec, Diplomat Free Agent, Diplomat Tech Op, Diplomat Mindwalker, Mindwalker, Tech Op, Mutant, Cyberneticist and a supplemental sheet to put more information on.

Extras forms (2 pages)
There are two pages of extras forms, both the same.

Gamemaster's Record Form (1 page)
Used to keep quicknotes on the heroes.

Alternity Ship Log Form (1 page)
With details about the ship, crew, papers, cargo, supplies etc.

Ship Status Record Form (1 page)
Sheet of durability boxes for up to twelve compartments.

Ship Design Forms (11 pages)
Similar to the Gamemaster Guide form, with an abstract ship outline for ships with different amounts of compartments, from two compartments to twelve.

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