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Neil Spicer, Action Check Coordinator

Well, as many of you know, this starship we affectionately call Action Check online magazine started out in June of 2000. Since that time we rocketed to a full twelve months worth of issues, one right after the other, and we generally released them on time. Then we decided to throttle back to a more controlled bimonthly publishing rate in order to focus on quality and leave ourselves more room to work on a few other creative ideas we had for our own personal gaming interests. Jeff, Jim, and I have a lot of other projects on our minds and of course we needed that extra time to do a quality-job on them as well.

Now the time has come for us to land this baby, and we all want to do it while we're at our best rather than waiting for the thing to fall apart and result in a crash and burn episode. All of us have fond memories of Action Check. We're especially proud to have delivered a number of the reprint articles from Dragon and Dungeon magazines to the Alternity community. Personally, I'm very happy that Action Check gave me the opportunity to get organized and get off my butt to start writing and sharing some of the ideas that popped into my head. And, I think I speak for all of the AC staff when I say that we're most satisfied with having provided a creative outlet for every fan of Alternity to share his or her work with the rest of us, and keep the flame alive that much longer.

Ultimately, we still expect Alternity to live. The very generous folks at Alternity. net and are dedicated to making sure the game doesn't disappear anytime soon. The Action Check staff would like to direct your continued support in their direction now. They'll be the ones that keep things flying. And who knows? Jeff, Jim, and I might pop in every now and then with something new for Alternity Star*Drive, Dark*Matter, Gamma*World, etc. from time to time. We still have a love for the game, after all. But it's time for us to go. And we'd like to bid you a fond farewell.

-- Neil Spicer, Action Check Coordinator

Jim Sharkey, Action Check Editor

A lot of folks think that editing is a thankless job. And to be honest, there were times that I felt that way too. But most of the time, seeing the inventiveness and passion of our contributors made it all worthwhile. Knowing that we were supplying Alternity fandom with a free product that not only had a coolness factor of 10, but also had the high quality of a for-profit publication was more than reward enough for us. The feeling of putting each issue to bed and getting it out there for all of you, despite some of the headaches it could cause...well, there was nothing like it.

I'd like to thank each and every one of our contributing writers and artists for their time and effort. There's a few of you that could seriously make a go of game writing, I think. Hopefully, you'll keep up the good work, and send to AlternityRPG.Net what you used to send to us. I hope we gave you something to look forward to every issue, and made your games run just a little more smoothly. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

-- Jim Sharkey, Action Check Editor

Jeff Ibach, Act Action Check Publisher

Neil couldn't have said it better from my point of view. In particular the word "pride" comes to mind. I remember starting Action Check and discovering within the month that it had two or three copycat publications that issue? J I was proud to see it lasted long after others had quit (or prophesized its demise). I was proud to have the backing of so many great folks at WotC, and our relations with Dragon and Dungeon magazines. I'm proud to have offered so many great articles from so many talented folks.

As it stands there are a number of valid, solid reasons that Neil, Jim and I decided to quit while we're ahead. At times it could be viewed like a party. You want to leave with your head high, everyone missing you and with a good feeling, as opposed to crawling out the door with your friends wishing you'd left hours ago (and you feel the same). We won't be the next X-Files. It's been hectic and frustrating, but overall it was fun and rewarding. Thanks for all your support.

-- Jeff Ibach, Act Action Check Publisher

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