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Fallout species for Gamma World / Alternity

Submitted by Archer on February 02, 2001
Setting : Gamma World Progress Level: any
Rating: 82/100 - 6 comments - 1992 Downloads

Conversion and adaptation of the Ghouls and Supermutants from the Fallout and Fallout 2 games.
Can also be used as player characters.

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User comments [6]

vempire, rating: - February 03, 2001

Mmh .. we had a fight with zombie-like mutants in our game once. I wish I had this resource back then. A fight with super-mutants from fallout would bring back some nostalgy :)

TerroX, rating: 80 February 06, 2001

Yeah this is cool! Could be just HTML though - or both!

Archer, rating: - February 06, 2001

I dont like making .html documents. Sorry.

Poobah, rating: 69 August 06, 2002


Falendor, rating: 85 October 22, 2002

Kool, whith a Capital K!!!

Ikyoto, rating: 96 November 23, 2002

As an avid Fallout/Fallout 2 fan, you have my thanks for this conversion. I have just introduced my players (today infact) to what will be called "S-Earth" where evolution follwed the same lines and a human like species did live and thrive - untill they screwed up ;)
So now they have all the wonderful events and places and "people" of the Fallout genre to discover!

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