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Mining in asteroid field

Submitted by kzar99 on October 08, 2016
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 93/100 - 6 comments - 125 Downloads

this is some general guidlines i made for my players. Simple rules for mining in an asteroid field.
2016-09-12: some more general info and a new skill (mining)
2016-10-08: even more minerals, and updated with prices for each type of ore (in concord dollars)

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User comments [6]

uncle_jimbo, rating: - September 11, 2016

Nice development of details. Table S2: Commodities in the Star*Drive Campaign Setting might assist with value

kzar99, rating: - September 11, 2016

i thought of adding the comodity, but i leave that to each GM, to modify according to his/hers campaign. At the end of the document i have a list of current prices (earth, 2016) for comparison, but still.. its up to the GM!

uncle_jimbo, rating: 92 September 20, 2016

Very good to see the addition of asteroid types - that should save me considerable work

dacheese13, rating: 96 September 22, 2016

Great job, after the trial-play and eventhough I love flying any fraking ship in alternity, I can't wait to mine again. it's so fucking fun... am wondering if you could add something for the ultimate fubar, like unstable ore (with explosive properties if not treated carefully) ;) just thinking out loud hehehe.

kzar99, rating: - September 22, 2016

thank you guys.. i hope in the next weeks to update it again with new info and more mining options - but i will keep it small, to be used by players, NOT for large mining companies

fynyx, rating: 91 November 05, 2016

Thank you!

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