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Submitted by Starbrat on October 03, 2006
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Rating: 96/100 - 13 comments - 3551 Downloads

2nd Edition of Cosmos, Cosmos-2 is an updated and revitalised ruleset that now totally replaces the Campaign Architecture chapter of the GMG.

It attempts to make the sweeping discoveries in astronomy made over the last decade useful to the SF gamer, presenting new possibilities and a step-by-step guide to creating your own corner of the Universe.

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User comments [13]

TitaniumDragon, rating: 96 October 03, 2006

An excellent and comprehensive resource for populating sectors with planets; far superior to any other method in creating realistic sectors which are very usable and which can be made in short periods of time. It gives a great feeling of realism using the resource.

blacksunrunner, rating: 95 February 22, 2008

Well it's brilliant. I found some parts tricky to follow but that's because I'm arty-farty and a science-thickie!

bri_aitsya, rating: 98 July 24, 2008

WOW. You the man, SB...

Stardiver, rating: - December 02, 2008

Outstanding! The best random system generator on the entire net.

Stardiver, rating: 97 March 24, 2009

Apart form the E-zines (action check, last resort, etc), this could be, perhaps, the best downloadable resource on this site. If you are designing any stellar campaign, you must use this, even if you don't play Alternity.

umfassen77, rating: 99 June 08, 2009

Incredible work.

TerroX, rating: - March 14, 2011

page 16, where do Blue Giants fit in with regard to secondary stars? does "main sequence" mean Major System?

TerroX, rating: - March 14, 2011

age for Giant stars seems to be missing? e.g. red and yellow giants

TerroX, rating: - May 31, 2011

A webpage which generates random systems based on COSMOS-2 mechanics., related forum topic here.

xCaliber, rating: 97 April 08, 2012

Wow, just amazing. its very detailed and in-depth. it is sometimes hard to find the information I'm looking for, but its well worth it. Will be much easier with a few systems under my belt.

itsmrwilson, rating: 90 August 22, 2014

I like that it allows for world types and planet locations that the original didn't. Maybe a bit more complexity than I'd like, especially the "prime jovian" bit, but it's easy to skip. One thing that struck me as odd was differentiation between "terran" and "nerean" in the results. Shouldn't the hydro step determine whether or not a world is nerean or terran? If I can get a dessicated result on the table for a nerean world, is it still nerean?

fynyx, rating: 95 July 15, 2015

Came late to this, almost 9 years later.
Thank you.

Taljinn, rating: 99 September 07, 2015

Fantastic, highly useful resource! Great work.

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