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CBN Technical Manual: Standard Navigation Beacons

Submitted by uncle_jimbo on September 01, 2016
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 97/100 - 1 comment - 384 Downloads

Summarises procedures to repair the typical models of space navigation beacon in the Stellar Ring, in descriptive and game rule terms, along with beacon game statistics and a new power system that they use. Update: Added Plover drive beacon tender, Hero Creation for "The Taurus Contract" campaign.

make/view comments view/download 161.1 Kb pdf

Devices from The Wrecks of Time

Submitted by uncle_jimbo on April 08, 2013
Setting : any Progress Level: 7
Rating: 82/100 - 3 comments - 996 Downloads

I've collated the notes that I made on the old A.Net forum about some tangent-related devices described in Michael Moorcock's novel "The Wrecks of Time" that can create weak points in, or delay the breakdown of, entire tangents. The adjuster and invoker are created by a technically advanced group within a society slightly more advanced than our own. I'd rate them at PL 7. The disruptor is more advanced technology.

Update: to PDF, added Cathedral

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Equiptment and weapons listings

Submitted by Liberiton on September 01, 2012
Setting : any Progress Level: any
Rating: 92/100 - 3 comments - 526 Downloads

Hate having six books open to find that info on your gun? Hording all that loot on scraps of paper around the house? Say no more! This simple listing gives plenty of room for all your weapons and loot!
Equipment listing includes location and book/pg for easy reference. Weapon tables include ALL stats like restriction, clip size, modification and upgrades, attachments, as well as anything else related to the weapon.

make/view comments view/download 103.8 Kb pdf

Dataware Robot Creation Process

Submitted by uncle_jimbo on January 04, 2011
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 89/100 - 10 comments - 621 Downloads

A brief step-by-step guide, hopefully straightening out some of the less clear decision points for creating robot characters using the "Dataware" sourcebook. Added a table with the Action Penalty for each type of casing, including some suggested changes.

Update: Sub-headings for active memory and manipulators, cost of Good and Amazing robots

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Battle Tech RPG Arms & Armour

Submitted by Sokolov on November 21, 2010
Setting : Homemade Progress Level: 7
Rating: 91/100 - 6 comments - 465 Downloads

This covers Melee, Small Arms, Support Weapons, and Armour from the Battle Tech RPG "A Time of War". Have explained the Equipment Ratings more, and changed this too .pdf format for ease of access. No Battle Mechs or Vehicles i'm afraid!
Have used Set Damage for Weapons and Random Rolls for Armour. Think there might still be some niggley bits in here so feel free to tell me about them!

make/view comments view/download 917.1 Kb pdf

Armed and Dangerous Weapons of Fallout II reprint

Submitted by roguemorgan on July 08, 2010
Setting : any Progress Level: any
Rating: 87/100 - 4 comments - 459 Downloads

This is the Armed & Dangerous - The Weapons of Fallout 2 article from Dragon Magazine #259 (May 1999) originally written by Bruce Cordell.



Note: I renamed the file to remove the ampersand.

make/view comments view/download 886.5 Kb pdf

A Study of the Knife

Submitted by uncle_jimbo on January 18, 2010
Setting : any Progress Level: 5
Rating: 77/100 - 10 comments - 385 Downloads

Revised and extended skills and weapon statistics for the various kinds of knives and daggers, as mentioned in the forums.

Updated with minor clarifications, no substantive changes.

make/view comments view/download 162.7 Kb pdf

Master Weapon List

Submitted by apoc527 on August 16, 2009
Setting : any Progress Level: any
Rating: 95/100 - 6 comments - 934 Downloads

The second part of my Alternity Game Day 2008 submissions, this Excel spreadsheet lists every PL5-8 weapon I could find or come up with. Most of these statistics vary somewhat from PHB or S*D AEG norms, so use only after thinking about them. There's also some new rules hidden at the bottom, so make sure to take note. Some of those rules are expanded upon in my to-be-posted House Rules document.


----1/10/2009 Update-----

This version is both more complete and less (wtf?!? you say?). The weapons themselves have been further rebalanced and adjusted. I've also added the complete list of vehicles (adding many, of course), and the Vehicle Weapon List is also nearing completion. There are some "unused" tabs at the bottom, but I'm sure you can see where I'm going with it.


-- 8/16/2009 Update --

Finished adding lower PL weapons and armor. General tweaking for balance. Gauss rifles may be overbalanced now (still working on that one).

make/view comments view/download 589 Kb xls

Foundry Robot Design Sheet

Submitted by JdeFalconr on May 04, 2009
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: any
Rating: 90/100 - 4 comments - 348 Downloads

This Spread sheet is meant as a design tool for creating robots based off the Foundry sourcebook. See the "About" tab within the sheet for add'l info!

make/view comments view/download 153.2 Kb ods

Scopes and Aiming Equipment

Submitted by apoc527 on February 22, 2008
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 95/100 - 4 comments - 552 Downloads

The first of my Alternity Game Day 2008 resources, this relatively short file simply adds some rules and detail where things were sorely lacking before. It describes a few kinds of sights and includes a "scope design system" of sorts (simpler than it sounds). Check it out, it basically uses information from the Dark*Matter AEG to provide a number of sighting options for PL6 and higher.

make/view comments view/download 48 Kb doc
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